Return of the Orange Virgin

the music


The author is indebted to the following composers and performers for the music that ornaments the audiobook version of The Return of the Orange Virgin. All selections are licensed under the Creative Commons and remain the property of their creators.

Celestial Aeon Project “Atmosphere” Celestial Aeon 3
Doc: “The Sphinx” []
Butterfly Tea []
Fugue State []
Kneel Mason (Scenes from) The Mid Lands
The postclassicists Topology and Topology Music
Yehuna (“Dream Machine”)
Paul Zoltan Illes []
Bilou le Skankerfou Demo musique de films 2007-2008 “La valse du oni” (chapter end theme)
Ensemble Hathor []
esgi []
The Dramatic Life and Latin Themes (from Igor Weins’ Piano in the Street)
Antonio Gervasoni (The Portrait of Dorian Gray)
Haeresis (Opera II)
Speedsound [Psy-brazil]
Vortex Ensemble (at the Outpost, January 2010) []
Mattias Westlund (Chronicles III) []
Valenkyr (Dynarian Chronicles) []
Marc Michel Bosche from the album Fresh
and the gangster’s tango in Chapter 29 is by DaCapo from the album Claude’s Music

Platterland—You’ll be happy here

Nine stories and a novella (including The Return of the Orange Virgin).

Lost in Willipaq—Lovers, Losers, and Part-time Demons

Willipaq, the book: new stories, fresh forays into the fantastic—sixteen tales plus a novella.

The Quilter Who Went to Hell,

an account of the unexpected adventures, sudden departures and peculiar reincarnations of Elizabeth Profitt Pease. Libby Pease is my favorite person out of all of Willipaq County, an evocation of the usually broke and always hopeful citizens of perhaps Washington County, Maine—living free and wild in their very own Yoknapatawpha.

Magnetic Betty

“Oh... brollyflogger,” says Betty. Her omlette pan has run off to Australia.
“Language, Betty. Language,” says Mrs. Kunkle, Betty’s mom.
Magnetic Betty, an eight-year-old Brownie Scout, marshals the Browntown Ocelots to save the world, Santa Claus, and Christmas as we know it, assisted by Walt and Madge, her bewildered parents, along with Dolby Jenks, World’s Number One Champion Detective, and P. I. Kunkle, the famous composer who leads the Browntown Pep Band. (with 11 original illustrations by Maine artist Lee Suta)

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