Midwife in the Tire Swing


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handle the display and accessibility issues with reasonable success. Some have glitches, some have different glitches. They’re usually free, so who’s to complain? Adobe Digital Editions will do ePub quite nicely, and there is a Firefox widget that turns your browser into a book. The PDFs and .mobi (Mobipocket, likewise free) boast many free applications and even Amazon offers a free desktop Kindle reader. Kindle—both on your desktop and on the Amazon device—wants to see your download as a .prc, the Kindle-friendly, non-DRM alternative. Be prepared to drag and drop. The Midwife is expected to arrive as a newly-edited edition by summer 2018.

Ahhh, where was I now? Oh, yes—the disclaimer. These MP3 downloads are released under a Creative Commons license. They’re free. Copy the files as much as you want, pass ’em around. All I ask is that you don’t alter the file or sell it. If you like what you hear, tell your friends. And thanks for listening.

To download these to your computer right-click and “Save link as...” generally. Have a look at the User’s Manual. And check out the MP3s at onetinleg.com.

Midwife in the Tire Swing

Ogg Fish Ogg Vorbis?

Who wouldn’t prefer a compression technology inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld? Ogg is the enclosure, Vorbis the codec—more bounce to the ounce and at a potentially lower bit weight than MP3s. There is a panoply of Ogg Vorbis players out there—I use the VLC player; you can download it here. But then, I am an Windows 7 holdout. The Windows 7 operating system comes with the Ogg-friendly Windows Media Player 12. Windows 10? Before you backup everything and yank the big red lever there is reading to do. I am putting this one off for as long as possible; there is no Media Player packed with Win10. There are add-ons for older and newer devices, too. Mac? Yep. For OS X follow the bread crumbs at http://www.vorbis.com/.

While navigating these tales of onetinleg.com you may notice some (depending on your feedreader and RSS source) tagged as explicit. No outside agency is responsible for this. I did it myself. The free-living citizens of these yarns exercise a talent for robust self-expression and have likewise been known to procreate at the drop of a, well... at the drop-of-a... Tsk, tsk.

Bulk downloads

For those Midwife followers with sufficient time for an Internet download totaling over a gigabyte split between two files, less romantically called an infodump, or gardyloo (Google this one). These are long-form MP3s—VBR 0 at 220-260 kbps.

Midwife in the Tire Swing Part #1 here (Prolog through Intermezzo 8—runtime 8¼ hours)
Midwife in the Tire Swing Part #2 here (coming eventually)

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