A Rain of Frogs ~ The Rob Hunter bio

“The worst thing about being an angel is that someday the sun will explode and everything on Earth will die. Also, molting. You don't hear much about molting.” — Dave Peel

Rob HunterA foot soldier in the war against time, Rob Hunter is the sole support of a ten-year-old Chevy Aveo and the despair of his young wife. He does dishes, mows the lawn and keeps their coastal Maine cottage spotless by moving as little as possible..

Rob’s wife, Bonnie, is a gifted quilter who beguiled her new husband with the kaleidoscope of patchwork geometry. They live on America’s northeastern border with the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Please note that the border is on the southwest if you are in Canada. This is important if you are not a swimmer. The nearest town to the Hunters that anybody is likely to have ever heard of―because of Stephen King’s The Langoliers―is Bangor, Maine where there are real parking meters and a traffic light. They drive down every six months or so to watch the light change and see the trains come in.

¹ The Milwaukee Journal;  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR Co.;  WINS-NYC; WBT-Charlotte;  WJAR-Providence;  WIVY-Jacksonville;  WNEW-NYC;  WBAI Pacifica-NYC; WQDY-Calais, Maine

² Rob's long-time client at Random House Audiobooks,  Sherry Huber,  wangled her team a 1987 Spoken Arts Grammy nomination. We didn't win.  The nomination was for The Short Stories of Ray Bradbury.

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